The reason for this book was that after living in Thailand for a number of years, our family and friends frequently asked us about the food. They wanted to know about the food we eat with our Thai friends and was the food served in local restaurants the same as in restaurants here at home? They also asked did we know how to cook the food and could we get them the recipes, so we thought that it may be helpful to have a Thai cookbook that has been adapted to suit our busy western lifestyle without losing the true flavours and essence of Thai food.
The focus of this cookbook then became how to provide Authentic Thai flavoured recipes with easy, uncomplicated instructions, using ingredients that are readily available either from your local Supermarkets, Asian or Fresh Produce Markets. All of the recipes in this book have been prepared and cooked in Thailand using local ingredients while keeping in mind the need to be able to source ingredients here at home.
For those people who haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit and experience Thailand we hope to offer to you some dishes that you are unlikely to find at your local Thai restaurant, along with some of the more recognised dishes that we all enjoy.
With Thai cooking the quantities are approximate, most Thais measures quantities in pinches, small and large piles and handful, which is different to our western style of measuring and weighing. We have endeavoured to convert the pinches, piles and handfuls into quantities that you can easily use. Remember that Thai cooking is an art and not a science, The Thais do not stick rigidly to a recipe, they like variety so feel free to do the same with the recipes in this book, if you like a spice or a certain flavour you can use more of it, if you don't like it you can use less, also cooking times and temperatures are approximate the food is cooked when you are happy with the result, so be bold, experiment but above all else enjoy the cooking experience and the fabulous results.


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